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    Automotive Paints

    Along with the above Sunlac Paints has been in the market of automotive paints with solutions for approx all types refinishing coatings ( base coats & top Coats) for all types of vehicles.

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    Wood Coatings

    Wood Coatings are to be applied on all types of wooden surfaces with a purpose of beautification, UV protection & making them to last longer. Sunlac produces solvent based wood coatings in Polyurethanes, Nitrocellulose & Melamines in High Gloss, Semi Gloss & Matt finishes suitable for all types of wooden surfaces. Water based coatings are also available for wooden substrates

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    Industrial Paints

    Includes protective & decorative coatings for various types of Industrial products like Acrylics, TSA, PU, PUD, UV